Monday, January 25, 2010

After School Time

So Moo goes to school (pre) at 9:15 until 11:30. Now, when Squish was younger, he used to sleep during this time which was pretty fantastic, but sometimes a problem because he didn't always wake in time, thus I had to awaken him. (any mom that has had to wake a babe from a nap knows the aweful things that this could bring. Maybe not at the moment of the waking, but you might pay for it later)

Anyway, now that tot is a little older, he's a one napper.  This nap begins when we leave to go get Moo from school (a whole 3-5 minutes away).  I am able to transfer him to his bed from the car (pending that teach doesn't open the door too loundly and Moo doesn't scream "WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY MOM?" when she enters the vehicle).  He tends to stay down for 2-3 hours. (lovely, i know)

Moo is typically worn out from her hectic 2 hours at school and will lay down with her snuggely dog, snuggely pillow and snuggely blanket and watch a movie of some kind. This is my heaven. (as long as I get the apple juice and whatever snack is requested BEFORE I sit down)  I will typically watch whatever MTV/E!/other brainless show that has taped from the night before and stop thinking for at least an hour.  It's wonderful.  Please don't take it from me, ever, I'll cry.  It enables me to face the afternoon with a little bitty bit more zest.

I love you afterschool time. Thankyou.

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  1. What would I give for after school time! That is awesome!