Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Chapter in: Boys That Don't Sleep

So. I have not nursed Jack to sleep in the middle of the night for over a week now! He is still waking one to two times, but we are able to just go in, give him back his things and say night night.  At first, he was screaming, but it really didn't take long before he was out again! This is fantastic! It's not as great as sleeping through the night, but a definate improvement!!

Also, Jack spent the night at my mom's house on Saturday night.  He slept all night until someone decided to shoot guns at 5:30 am, making the dog bark, waking Jack. But apparently he was for about 30 minutes and then slept until 10. Sure, why not!!? We thought about how he also sleeps better when spending the night with Grammy and Grampy...I believe that it does have to do with him having us whipped (ok, me) but we also live disturbingly close to a train track with two intersections with in half a mile of our house. (Before buying a home, I would seriousley recommend asking for a midnight showing and sitting in the quiet house and listening for any noises that might accompany the surrounding neighborhood, ie. TRAIN WHISTLES)
Hopefully he will get used to them!

This chapter ends with a thumbs up!


  1. I loved sleeping to those train tracks. Your kids will know things are always happening. It's good perspective. And congrats on the slight peace of mind. Looks like you can keep Jack!

  2. yay!! that is great. maybe you should ship him off every weekend :)

  3. Hopefully when they are older, they can appreciate things like you Sarah. I don't mind the track sounds, it's the whistles at 3 am for 5 minutes straight that erks me a little. A little woot woot doesn't bother me. I"m sure we'll all get used to them eventually! Sarah, please become an official follower, I could rest peacefully knowing that I have 10. thankyou.