Friday, January 15, 2010

Deceptively Delicious Experiment

One of my new years resolutions (every year) is to eat healthier and feed my kiddos healthier (the two kind of go hand in hand, monke see monkey do).  This year, I've acctually made some steps toward the goal!  I've had this cookbook, Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld for a couple of years now. Have I used it? No. Sure, I cracked it open and read a little bit about it, enough to see that it was a lot of work that I was not willing to do at the time.  Now that I have two kids (and way more time on my hands), I want to do the work.  I guess a lot of the motivation comes from Jack's allergy to milk and trying to find things to feed him AND get him the nutrients he needs.

Here we go!

Day 1 (Wednesday): Read book. Figure out what I need (ie. blender/food processor/magic bullet?, steamer/microwave, ziplocks, ect.)

Day 2 (Thursday): Go grocery shopping.  I did so well, I felt so proud of my cart! No chips or soda, hardley any boxed items, almost all fresh produce (yes, this is new to me)!

Day 3 (today): Begin pureeing! I was going to do it all today. Watching Nora did slow things down a tad (she wasn't too fond of the processor's aweful noise), but no biggie, I just waited until she was gone.  I started with broccoli. Washing, cutting, steaming, repeat.  Then I started pureeing. Started preping the cauliflower while the broccoli pureed, and baking butternut squash, I was on a roll!
 Now comes the trouble. I threw away the big stems, but figured the disposal could handle the rest. Oh boy. I was wrong. You can imagine what my sink looks like.  Now picture my kitchen...cutting boards, food processor, bowls full of steamed and unsteamed veggis, baking sheets with sink to wash.....and the worst part, I hadn't even made anything edible! REALLY HARD TO KEEP GOING!!!

I might as well make the first recipe I was planning on doing anyway right? What's another pan and a couple of bowls? 

Stay tuned.....

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