Monday, January 11, 2010

What's for dinner?

So...I have this problem child. He is allergic to milk, not lactose intolerant, ALLERGIC! (I might have told you this already, but listen again!) Like swell up, cry and throat close up allergic. This is royal pain in my patootie. All the yummy things you give 1 year olds, ie. yogurt, cheese, quesadillas, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cottage cheese, MILK!!!!, pizza (poor unfortunate soul...we have scrapped off the goodies and given him the crust, but he still breaks out) anyway, you get the idea. Hence, I am worried about the calcium and such that he is now lacking. (Ps. he HATES Soy milk, even the chocolate)

He sorta likes broccoli (don't judge, i can't spell and I don't care enough to check) but what else can I do!? He kind of lives off of chicken nuggets, waffles, pears, bananas and apple juice.  I will addmit, I am lazy in the kitchen and probably haven't tried as many things as often as I should have.

There is also the problem of him breaking out with other random licks, even the bananas.  I plan on going to an allergist, but I've heard the tests aren't that reliable anyway.

OH! And the other day, we gave him some hummas (good, healthy thing right?) Another allergic reaction! Same as the milk! Luckily Benadryl works. 



  1. Sucks! Some Hummus actually has dairy in it...I know..lame. :( Check for the word casein too, which is another term for milk protein. I have read that some taco seasonings and salami's have dry milk in them as do some wheat grain breads. Have you been able to find much online to help out? Its the milk protein that he is allergic to isn't it?