Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok, so I've been gone for a while (not really like out of state or anything, still here, at home). My mind is very clouded with all things Christmas and winter heating bills and sickness...I haven't felt very bloggy (def: cheerful, funny, with intent to make others enjoy reading).

Perhaps I should I write of these things...but that is just depressing (well, not Christmas). And I still need to introduce my husband...eventhough everyone that reads this knows him. ( you could see where I need to be in the correct frame of mind for this)

So, I'm not dead or gone or giving up! Just keep checking, just keep checking, just keep checking

....Nemo? No?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boys that don't sleep.

So, I'm here to complain again. Well, really ask why...why does a well fed 14 month old boy not like sleep? Here's the situation: He typically wakes up between 7 and 8, not bad right? It is when he wakes up twice in the middle of night, still. He takes one nap during the day between 11:30 and 2ish. He then goes to bed around 8, give or take 30 minutes. Then, without fail, he wakes up around 1, crying, sometimes screaming, and I used to just go in there and feed him back to sleep (I did this with Avery until she was 13 months and then one night, she didn't wake up and we were done! Easy as pie!), he then wakes again around 4:30 and I end up doing the same thing. Our DR. said, just don't go in there at all, it will take about 3 nights, but then he'll sleep through the night. So, when he wakes up, we let him cry, and cry, and cry and cry, we've let it go for 1 full hour and it typically gets worse, not better, not cry himself to sleep. We've also tried going in and giving him back in lamb or blanket that he tends to throw out of the crib and then leaving, well, let me tell you, bloody murder screams typically ensue followed by gagging and the occassional vomit.

We are lost. We don't know what to do next. Mom can't keep running on these fumes of "sleep"! If it weren't for the gagging and vomitting (he does this easily with food as well, he's a gagger) I wouldn't have too much of a problem letting him scream it out all night long, as I am at my wits end with it. He also is allergic to milk, not lactose intolerant, ALLERGIC. Like puffy lips, wheezing, coughing allergic. So, we thought in his earlier days that my drinking high volumes of milk could have been the problem. I now drink hardley any (I could wither and die here soon, as anyone that knows me, knows I survive on milk and milk alone) , especially at night. So, again, lost. I'll keep you updated on the situation that is Project Sleep and if anyone has any words of wisdom, I would love you forever.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cleaning, picking-up, dishes, laundry, unpacking, decorating, ect.

Why is it so hard to find a place to start!! When there are so many things to do, I can't decide what comes first. So guess where I end up...on the couch watching a show..very productive, I know. I believe I get this from my mother (sorry ma). I don't mean to call her out or place blame, but it's kinda what we did. I look around at my disaterous house, bare walls, half decorated tree, full dishwasher, full hampers and kinda freak out! Especially on nights when my husband will not be home to help! (cause he really does, more on him at another time) I could really use some time management help, any ideas? Where do you usually start? I mean we still arent moved in all the way, I know I'm buying things that are in a box in the garage...ridiculous! I can only blame the kids for so long, sure, they make it harder to do things, but not IMPOSSIBLE, which is what I like to think. "Oh, the kids were just everywhere today, I couldn't possibly get anything done!" Really Rachel? Come on!

So...where do I start...the never ending question.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Boy: a noise with dirt on it.

Jack Robert 6 wks
Jack Robert 1 year

Jack oh Jack. My monkey, shmoogles, Mr. Moogely, ROBERT! (when he's in trouble), JackJack, Mr. Squishy (you just want to squish him, I've had strangers tell me this). My baby boy is almost 14 months old! He was/is not a perfect baby. Poor kid, had a lot to live up to, his sister set some pretty high standards! First of all, he couldn't even hold his poo, he had to let 'er rip while still in utero and come out dirtier than most, should've known then. He prefered to be held, sleeping or awake. He has ecsema, he could only wear cotton, it's much better now. He was smaller than his sister (we'll be sure to make fun of him for that later in life). I'm not sure if it's second child syndrome, boy vs. girl, some people say he acts like a middle child (more on that later), but boy is he different! I love him to pieces, but he's a tester! You say no, he gives you a look, and goes for it again. He RUNS for the street anytime he sees it. He throws fits. He throws food, on the floor, any food. He whines when he wants something and until he gets exactly "it" (instead of using signlanguage like his sister did, come on son!). He still wakes up TWICE a night (I know, I know, that's more my fault than his, but still). But he loves so hard and smiles so much! His smile will make your day! He is such a snuggler! He'll run at you and jump into your arms and sqeeze you so tight! He loves his people and needs them around. He gives great kisses and dances to Michael with his sister. He loves her so much and can't get enough of her. He keeps us on our toes and might make us crazy sometimes, but we are also crazy about him!

I can't wait to watch these two grow together and see what they come up with for themselves and eachother. I know we are so lucky to have everything we have and we wouldn't change a thing! (Ok, so I might like a full night of sleep sometime soon, but hey, it could be worse! )

Next....husband! Look out Bret, I'm coming after you! ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I wonder, how long do you write these things with no one following? I am basically writing to myself right now? Well, that's cathartic. Anyway, on we go!

Avery LeeAnn. My girl, my giant, my turkey. She is almost 4.5! Wow, I feel old. This little lady was the most perfect baby anyone could ever imagine, ask anyone, for real. She never cried, and when I say never, I mean it. (again, ask anyone) She would give a slight wimper when she was hungry, that's it! She slept well, she played well, she still does! She goes to bed when told, in her own bed, she plays alone for hours, she is so sweet to all of her friends. If hurt, she doesn't cry, again the wimper. She is a great big sister too (perhaps the sharing could be better, but really, who likes to share?), she's very helpful. She never did the terrible twos. Yes, I know what you're thinking, and you're right, she is a genuine angel. Sure, she has her moments, but they are few and far between. She does like to talk, alot, always has and probably always will. Her first word was "pretty". We're not sure why... And wow the imagination! Lately, she is a dog more than a girl. She LOVES animals and dancing, especially to Michael (who doesn't love a good Michael dance party though?). She LOVES school too. Mostly for the friends and playing. She's going to be creative I think, not so much an acadamia. That's cool, I wasn't either one, so at least she's got something!

With a baby/toddler like her, why wouldn't you want 5 more!? I'll tell you later....his name is Jack.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Give it a whirl

Well, I never really thought I was clever enough to do a blog. I'm not a creative writer, I'm not really that funny, but I do have cute kids! And isn't that reason for most blogs these days? I also am a stay at home mom, and don't most of us have blogs? Because we don't have much else to do, right? Kidding, don't be offended. Is it presumptuous to think that people will want to read about my family? Possibly, but I like to read about other families and know that I'm not the only one going through the things us families go through! we go!


Me, Rachel, the mom. I stay at home with Avery, 4.5, and Jack, 1.2ish. I would not want it any other way. Some people can't handle staying home all day, and there is nothing wrong with that, at all, but I just couldn't leave my babes with someone else all day long! Sure, I like to get away from time to time, but there is no where else I would rather be than home with them. Thankfully, my husband, Bret, the dad, agrees with me! He works full time/and on-call some nights. It's rough, but he does what he has to do to keep me home! Hooray for Dad!

We recently bought, that's right, bought (yikes! what were we thinking! who buys a house in this economy!? WE DO!) a house in Albany. It's in my dream neighboorhood that I partially grew up in. We enjoyed living in Monmouth for the last 8 (me, 9, on and off) years, but were so excited to move on! There is something to be said for living in a small town, but I ran out of thoses things about 2 years ago :) Love to the Monmouth crowd!

Ok, that's all I have time for now, Av wants to play horses :) Hopefully someone will read this :\ and enjoy it! Come back again real soon, I'll try to also.