Monday, December 7, 2009

Boy: a noise with dirt on it.

Jack Robert 6 wks
Jack Robert 1 year

Jack oh Jack. My monkey, shmoogles, Mr. Moogely, ROBERT! (when he's in trouble), JackJack, Mr. Squishy (you just want to squish him, I've had strangers tell me this). My baby boy is almost 14 months old! He was/is not a perfect baby. Poor kid, had a lot to live up to, his sister set some pretty high standards! First of all, he couldn't even hold his poo, he had to let 'er rip while still in utero and come out dirtier than most, should've known then. He prefered to be held, sleeping or awake. He has ecsema, he could only wear cotton, it's much better now. He was smaller than his sister (we'll be sure to make fun of him for that later in life). I'm not sure if it's second child syndrome, boy vs. girl, some people say he acts like a middle child (more on that later), but boy is he different! I love him to pieces, but he's a tester! You say no, he gives you a look, and goes for it again. He RUNS for the street anytime he sees it. He throws fits. He throws food, on the floor, any food. He whines when he wants something and until he gets exactly "it" (instead of using signlanguage like his sister did, come on son!). He still wakes up TWICE a night (I know, I know, that's more my fault than his, but still). But he loves so hard and smiles so much! His smile will make your day! He is such a snuggler! He'll run at you and jump into your arms and sqeeze you so tight! He loves his people and needs them around. He gives great kisses and dances to Michael with his sister. He loves her so much and can't get enough of her. He keeps us on our toes and might make us crazy sometimes, but we are also crazy about him!

I can't wait to watch these two grow together and see what they come up with for themselves and eachother. I know we are so lucky to have everything we have and we wouldn't change a thing! (Ok, so I might like a full night of sleep sometime soon, but hey, it could be worse! )

Next....husband! Look out Bret, I'm coming after you! ;)

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