Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boys that don't sleep.

So, I'm here to complain again. Well, really ask why...why does a well fed 14 month old boy not like sleep? Here's the situation: He typically wakes up between 7 and 8, not bad right? It is when he wakes up twice in the middle of night, still. He takes one nap during the day between 11:30 and 2ish. He then goes to bed around 8, give or take 30 minutes. Then, without fail, he wakes up around 1, crying, sometimes screaming, and I used to just go in there and feed him back to sleep (I did this with Avery until she was 13 months and then one night, she didn't wake up and we were done! Easy as pie!), he then wakes again around 4:30 and I end up doing the same thing. Our DR. said, just don't go in there at all, it will take about 3 nights, but then he'll sleep through the night. So, when he wakes up, we let him cry, and cry, and cry and cry, we've let it go for 1 full hour and it typically gets worse, not better, not cry himself to sleep. We've also tried going in and giving him back in lamb or blanket that he tends to throw out of the crib and then leaving, well, let me tell you, bloody murder screams typically ensue followed by gagging and the occassional vomit.

We are lost. We don't know what to do next. Mom can't keep running on these fumes of "sleep"! If it weren't for the gagging and vomitting (he does this easily with food as well, he's a gagger) I wouldn't have too much of a problem letting him scream it out all night long, as I am at my wits end with it. He also is allergic to milk, not lactose intolerant, ALLERGIC. Like puffy lips, wheezing, coughing allergic. So, we thought in his earlier days that my drinking high volumes of milk could have been the problem. I now drink hardley any (I could wither and die here soon, as anyone that knows me, knows I survive on milk and milk alone) , especially at night. So, again, lost. I'll keep you updated on the situation that is Project Sleep and if anyone has any words of wisdom, I would love you forever.


  1. i think the doctor is right but i would try to sleep in his room for those three nights and when he wakes comfort him with a pat and ur voice encourage him to lay back down and then walk away and lay down in your bed or sleeping bag thats in his room stay with him let him know ur there but that u are not going to pick him up or take him out of his bed do this repeatedly every 15 min till he goes to sleep he will soon learn that mommy is close and that everything is ok and u have to remember that too i know its hard to let them cry like that. If he gags and vomits clean him in his bed and lie him back down he wont do it again but naturally parents then think oh he puked and take them out thats what he is wanting he has learned that if he takes it that far he will get his way u just have to show him thats over, and remember he IS ok and ur right there if he upsets himself that bad show him by ur actions that its not ok and that he is not getting out of bed,even more important dont show ur stress stay calm and always talk softly repeat the bed time and just keep on encourageing him, well I hope some of this helps rach i feel for u girl but u seem like a great mommy so dont feel like u cant do it u just have to be determined!

  2. I struggled with this HUGELY with Gwen. She was up about every hour to 2 hours until she was 17 months. I literally thought I was slowly dying a little bit more each day from the extreme lack of sleep.
    I'll have to brainstorm with you when I come over on Fri. I know how sucky this is.

  3. Ahhhh!!! I have that same issue with Jonah (well, he is 1/2 his age so I am 1/2 as tired...right?!?!)

  4. Joy, I have struggled with him from the begining with this. I hope, for your sake, that he stops soon! Do everything you can now, because as you know, it only gets worse the older they get.