Monday, January 25, 2010

After School Time

So Moo goes to school (pre) at 9:15 until 11:30. Now, when Squish was younger, he used to sleep during this time which was pretty fantastic, but sometimes a problem because he didn't always wake in time, thus I had to awaken him. (any mom that has had to wake a babe from a nap knows the aweful things that this could bring. Maybe not at the moment of the waking, but you might pay for it later)

Anyway, now that tot is a little older, he's a one napper.  This nap begins when we leave to go get Moo from school (a whole 3-5 minutes away).  I am able to transfer him to his bed from the car (pending that teach doesn't open the door too loundly and Moo doesn't scream "WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY MOM?" when she enters the vehicle).  He tends to stay down for 2-3 hours. (lovely, i know)

Moo is typically worn out from her hectic 2 hours at school and will lay down with her snuggely dog, snuggely pillow and snuggely blanket and watch a movie of some kind. This is my heaven. (as long as I get the apple juice and whatever snack is requested BEFORE I sit down)  I will typically watch whatever MTV/E!/other brainless show that has taped from the night before and stop thinking for at least an hour.  It's wonderful.  Please don't take it from me, ever, I'll cry.  It enables me to face the afternoon with a little bitty bit more zest.

I love you afterschool time. Thankyou.

Friday, January 15, 2010

DDE (Deceptively Delicious Experiment) Recipe #1

I recently tried tofu for the first time (I know, I know, welcome to the 21st century!) and I liked it.  This book has a recipe for Tofu Nuggets.  Looks like chicken nuggets (in the picture), kids should love!

Pretty simple, bread crumbs, flaxseed meal, seasoning - broccoli puree (remember, I did that one) with an egg.  Dip tofu into puree/egg mixture, roll in breadcrumbs, put in pan to brown.  SO SIMPLE!

NOT!!!!!!  First of all, tofu is wet and slippery.  Second of all, puree is wet and slippery.

I imagine the idea is to coat the tofu with the puree, I was having to scoop the tofu out of the bowl with globs of puree ontop of the tofu and no where else.  Then "roll them in the breadcrumbs (while the puree falls off of the tofu) until the tofu is completely coated and you can't see the puree (because there is no puree left on the tofu)."  See, they must have forgot the italisized sections.  THEN, place in a skillet and brown on one side, turn and "brown until crumb coating is crisp and golden". Right....I guess the crumb coating did turn golden brown and crisp because it was all at the bottom of the pan...

 I think you get the idea that DDE #1 was a major FAILURE.

At this point, Jessica can kiss my A_s.

Check back. (the sink must be fixed first)

Deceptively Delicious Experiment

One of my new years resolutions (every year) is to eat healthier and feed my kiddos healthier (the two kind of go hand in hand, monke see monkey do).  This year, I've acctually made some steps toward the goal!  I've had this cookbook, Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld for a couple of years now. Have I used it? No. Sure, I cracked it open and read a little bit about it, enough to see that it was a lot of work that I was not willing to do at the time.  Now that I have two kids (and way more time on my hands), I want to do the work.  I guess a lot of the motivation comes from Jack's allergy to milk and trying to find things to feed him AND get him the nutrients he needs.

Here we go!

Day 1 (Wednesday): Read book. Figure out what I need (ie. blender/food processor/magic bullet?, steamer/microwave, ziplocks, ect.)

Day 2 (Thursday): Go grocery shopping.  I did so well, I felt so proud of my cart! No chips or soda, hardley any boxed items, almost all fresh produce (yes, this is new to me)!

Day 3 (today): Begin pureeing! I was going to do it all today. Watching Nora did slow things down a tad (she wasn't too fond of the processor's aweful noise), but no biggie, I just waited until she was gone.  I started with broccoli. Washing, cutting, steaming, repeat.  Then I started pureeing. Started preping the cauliflower while the broccoli pureed, and baking butternut squash, I was on a roll!
 Now comes the trouble. I threw away the big stems, but figured the disposal could handle the rest. Oh boy. I was wrong. You can imagine what my sink looks like.  Now picture my kitchen...cutting boards, food processor, bowls full of steamed and unsteamed veggis, baking sheets with sink to wash.....and the worst part, I hadn't even made anything edible! REALLY HARD TO KEEP GOING!!!

I might as well make the first recipe I was planning on doing anyway right? What's another pan and a couple of bowls? 

Stay tuned.....


Lastnight my friend Sarah tells me she is in a is our conversation:
(not modified in ANY way to make it more entertaining...)

Sarah: "Sorry to bother you, but I'm in a bind."
Me: "Uh oh, what's up?" (I already know..but ask for effect :)
Sarah: "My sister can't watch Nora tomorrow...would it be too difficult for you to watch her?"
Me:(Totally flattered that she trusts me to not only watch her child, but thinks I can handle 3!) "I think I could handle it, Av doesn't have school on Fridays, so it's perfect."
Sarah: "Are you sure? Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou"
Me: "No worries! Do you have a pack n play?"
Sarah: "Yes. I owe you so much. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou I owe you"
Me: "It will be a good test to see if I want to have another for sure or not!"
Sarah: "Oh dear, I don't want Nora to be the reason you don't want to have another child."
Me: "Silly!" (Oh oops...I didn't mean it like that!!)

She is still telling me that she owes me and thankyou. That's what friends are for right? I would do it for any of my friends and I don't expect a thing in return (allthough she did bring me a Dutch Bros and I'm not mad about it).  Besides, this little one is an angel. She's already eaten, taken a nap (went down without a peep) and is now rolling around on the ground making her wonderful noises!

Sorry Mr. AP (that's Almost Perfect, refer to nicknames post, I'm trying to implement them), so far, Nora has not put a single doubt in my mind.  I know you were counting on this, but NO SOUP FOR YOU!

This is Nora. (or neapnap, we have mentioned her before!)

So excited for her Mum Mum!

Ms. Moo being little mommy and feeding Nora, she loved it!

A little later, Nora has had a bottle and is taking nap #2! Both babes are sleeping, Moo is watching Pocahantas and I'm going to watch Grey's...I think I could handle this.

Come back anytime Nora!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Check yourself before you wreck yourself and your kids

First of all, be prepared for a few links, I got link happy

Ok, so a few months ago, my sister-in-law turned me onto this blog of a mother of 4 tots.  She has a son almost exactly Jack's age.  From before he was born, the Dr's discovered he had a heart defect and was in heart failure and would probably not survive.  He was born healthy, but has ran into many problems along the way (go to her blog and read the story, it's an amazingly heart tugging one).  At the time I began reading the blog, her son was having a hard time staying alive and there were pictures of him in the hospitol and all I could see when I looked at those pictures was Jack.  It was aweful. I was reading the story and balling.  One of the things I don't think ANY parent should ever have to see (except for birth) is their child laying in a hospitol bed (God what?), I can't help but cringe at the thought. (I know, get real Rachel, it's life, don't live in a fantasy world, life happens, blah blah blah) (And now I was just reading a friends blog and she turned me onto this, again with the sobbing.  Are you freaking kidding me!? Wrong wrong wrong!) This is not what I meant for this post to be about, so.....Anyway, I have followed their story ever since.  It's a fantastic blog. 

So lastnight I was reading her latest entry before bed and began sobbing (I do that a lot lately).  It really made me think about all the times that I snap at my kids or don't want to play the monkey game one more time, don't want to read the story one (5or 10) more time, don't want to go to the park, dont' want to get out of bed and be "on" all day long.  I am so so so blessed with what and who I have in my life and I forget that sometimes.  I forget that things are changing everyday and we can't get yesterday back, ever.  I need to stop putting things off (eating healthy, feeding the kids healthy, doing things the kids want to do, doing laundry, seeing friends and family) until tomorrow and seize the day (today!) (ok, so I've been watching Newsies lately, sue me). 

Today I feel inspired to be great! A great mom, a great wife, a great friend, a great daughter!

In the words of a NFL player, Chad OchoCinco (yes, you read that right, I follow him on twitter and he's neat), BE GREAT!!


So, we (av and I) are getting ready for school, getting shoes and coats on, and I go look for Jack....

I should preface this with a little history on the subject of kids and thier own space.  At our old house, (it was new) the rooms were tiny while the living area was quite large.  This equals all the toys in the living area.  And let's face it, the majority of the toys were Av's.  She was not too bothered by Jack being around her things because he couldn't get to any of them, until he started moving.  She was pretty good about giving him a toy here and there to play with.  At our new (old) house, the bedrooms are huge (in comparison) and there is plenty of room for most (all of Av's) toys to be IN their respective bedrooms! HOORAY! For everyone!!

However, this means more privacy (or less sharing, depending on how you want to look at it), which I think is a good thing, every child should have their own space and time alone (more on that at a different time).  Because we have old windows, they tend to get moist and grow mold, so I leave the doors open at all times. Avery is not a fan of this because it means Jack can get in whenever he wants (always) which she doesn't like (ever).  We discovered putting a gate up on Avery's door jam which she can climb over very easily, thus keeping Jack out and the door open. (we take it down at night as to prevent potty accidents) Everyone's happy! Except maybe Jack, but he gets over it very quickly, he is only 15 months.

Back to the story, I go to find Jack.......and here he was....

Not only in Av's room, but on top of her table playing with her animals (anyone that knows Avery knows that those animals are sacred) She would have DIED!! I quickly took the photo, grabed him and ran!

PS. NIGHT TWO = SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We are begining our bedtime routine: bath, Yo Gabba Gabba, snuggles and as always some finger crossing that there will be no screaming in the middle of the night...

Wish us luck!

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Last Chapter...New Book???

Wait for it.....



First time ever people! I woke up at 7 (bladder) and realized Jack hadn't made a peep all night! I was elated! So happy I couldn't even fall back asleep! Then I began to worry...(you know moms, what if something happened) I let it be and he woke up 50 minutes later!

I can't even tell you how excited I am. However, I"m not counting on it tonight...just in case.  I'll keep you updated.

PS. My heart is having a bit of a tough time being so excited today because of what is going on sad for all those people who had so little to begin with and now will have nothing. If you know Today's in downtown Albany, they are taking food, clothing, supply, money donations as they have an employee from Haiti with family still there. 

Hope for Peace and Healing

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Chapter in: Boys That Don't Sleep

So. I have not nursed Jack to sleep in the middle of the night for over a week now! He is still waking one to two times, but we are able to just go in, give him back his things and say night night.  At first, he was screaming, but it really didn't take long before he was out again! This is fantastic! It's not as great as sleeping through the night, but a definate improvement!!

Also, Jack spent the night at my mom's house on Saturday night.  He slept all night until someone decided to shoot guns at 5:30 am, making the dog bark, waking Jack. But apparently he was for about 30 minutes and then slept until 10. Sure, why not!!? We thought about how he also sleeps better when spending the night with Grammy and Grampy...I believe that it does have to do with him having us whipped (ok, me) but we also live disturbingly close to a train track with two intersections with in half a mile of our house. (Before buying a home, I would seriousley recommend asking for a midnight showing and sitting in the quiet house and listening for any noises that might accompany the surrounding neighborhood, ie. TRAIN WHISTLES)
Hopefully he will get used to them!

This chapter ends with a thumbs up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What's for dinner?

So...I have this problem child. He is allergic to milk, not lactose intolerant, ALLERGIC! (I might have told you this already, but listen again!) Like swell up, cry and throat close up allergic. This is royal pain in my patootie. All the yummy things you give 1 year olds, ie. yogurt, cheese, quesadillas, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cottage cheese, MILK!!!!, pizza (poor unfortunate soul...we have scrapped off the goodies and given him the crust, but he still breaks out) anyway, you get the idea. Hence, I am worried about the calcium and such that he is now lacking. (Ps. he HATES Soy milk, even the chocolate)

He sorta likes broccoli (don't judge, i can't spell and I don't care enough to check) but what else can I do!? He kind of lives off of chicken nuggets, waffles, pears, bananas and apple juice.  I will addmit, I am lazy in the kitchen and probably haven't tried as many things as often as I should have.

There is also the problem of him breaking out with other random licks, even the bananas.  I plan on going to an allergist, but I've heard the tests aren't that reliable anyway.

OH! And the other day, we gave him some hummas (good, healthy thing right?) Another allergic reaction! Same as the milk! Luckily Benadryl works. 


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nick names...

So, I've read some blogs where the blogger gives the children and husband nicknames instead of using their real names, I LOVE this. So, I'm doing it. 

My childless friend, let's call her...Ivory, and I were having a discussion about the odd nicknames parents give their children.  We have another friend, let's call her...Hambing, whom has a child and they call her Neapnap.  Ivory asks why? I respond with, well, there is usually no rhyme or reason to a childs nickname (at least baby years).  You look at the baby, squish the baby (gently of course), cuddle the baby and names just pop out, uncontrolably. 

For this reason, the kids are easy. They have both had many nicknames throughout the years (or year in Jack's case). Examples:

Avery: Turkey, Avery Pavery Dock, Baby Lump Lump (if you saw her when she was a baby, you get this), I am totally haveing a brain fart and not remembering anymore...write this stuff down people!!! Anyway, the winner winner chicken dinner that stuck with Av is Ms. Moo. Don't ask why, cause I don't know!

Jack: Jackjack, Moogles, Googely Moogely, Schmoogles, Monkey, Monster, Terd, spike, hawky...and the one that stuck, Mr. Squishy.  This one does have some merrit behind it, you just look at him and you want to squish him (in a gentle loving way), strangers tell me this.

So...Husband...what do you call someone that works at a job he doesn't like to provide for his family? A man that will clean when I don't want to? The guy I fell in love with at first sight (corny blahblah, but true)? The person that loves me so much and shows me this on a daily basis?  This amazing father that would do anything for his children (ok, so sometimes they have to ask twice..three times?)....we call him Mr. Almost Perfect

Monday, January 4, 2010

Great Start to 2010

Ok so I said I would tell the story of how "great" my twenty ten started.

It's really not even a story. It's just another chapter in "Boys that don't Sleep".

So, the husband/dad had to work New Years Eve night (no biggie, we got him for Christmas and I'm old right? i have two kids...what would we do anyway?), it was me and the kids home and watching re-runs of AFV (that's Americas Funniest Home Videos folks..side-note: shouldn't it be AFHV? anyway), the greatest show! Kids were in bed around 9:30 and headed to bed shortly there after.  I think I fell asleep around 11:30 (it's what happens when husband is working, anxiety that I'm going to die). Right at midnight I hear fireworks, real, full blown, ILLEGAL fireworks. I lay there chanting "Please don't wake up please don't wake up please don't wake up" and 2 minutes into guess it! WAAAAHHHHHHWWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! Crap. Off I go!

It took him about an hour to fall back to sleep. Feeding him isn't even working anymore.  He doesn't stay asleep, so I'm considering dropping that all together and just sitting in the hall way and crying with him until he passes out from exhaustion all the while praying that he doesn't wake up Avery. She is a great sleeper, but who can ignore the screams of a noise with dirt on it!!?

I'll keep you updated on my woes!
Meanwhile, time to get ready for Av's first dance class! She is slightly excited. I wonder if she'll be upset when they aren't dancing to MJ.....

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Ok, so I haven't had the drive to do anything since Christmas, and I mean ANYTHING. Does anyone else get the post Christmas blues? I feel like I have a slight depression. Why would I want to take down the Christmas decorations? Why would I want to do dishes? Why would I want to clean the house? Thank heaven my husband doesn't care as much about Christmas and therefore doesn't get these blues. He still cleans (otherwise we would have us a disaster!)

Not to worry, it's begining to fade (hence the blog). I didn't even want to blog, shocking I know, since I've been so into it lately (not). Perhaps I'll take down the Christmas tree today....

Oh snap! The Giants game just started, got to go!!

Please stick with me, I'll get back into this, I swear!!

Next, I'll tell you how my "twenty ten" started off so wonderfull (not).

PS. I promise to stop using (not) because I'm not 12.