Sunday, January 3, 2010


Ok, so I haven't had the drive to do anything since Christmas, and I mean ANYTHING. Does anyone else get the post Christmas blues? I feel like I have a slight depression. Why would I want to take down the Christmas decorations? Why would I want to do dishes? Why would I want to clean the house? Thank heaven my husband doesn't care as much about Christmas and therefore doesn't get these blues. He still cleans (otherwise we would have us a disaster!)

Not to worry, it's begining to fade (hence the blog). I didn't even want to blog, shocking I know, since I've been so into it lately (not). Perhaps I'll take down the Christmas tree today....

Oh snap! The Giants game just started, got to go!!

Please stick with me, I'll get back into this, I swear!!

Next, I'll tell you how my "twenty ten" started off so wonderfull (not).

PS. I promise to stop using (not) because I'm not 12.


  1. Too bad I love the not. (not) just kidding (not)

    Uh oh.. I am addicted to (not)!

  2. i totally get the blues too. especially because my birthday is 2 days after Christmas and it is such a build up to everything and then it's all over and I feel kinda disappointed and then I feel guilty for feeling disappointed. :) Happens almost every year. Especially this year since it was my 30th birthday with was depressing in itself.
    anyways -- you make me laugh with all your "not's" :)

  3. I was in a (not) mood, I can't lie, I'll probably use it again when the time is right.

    April, that would really stink. I feel lucky because my birthday is in May, so now I have that to look forward to, but having it all at once would be overwhelming! You don't look a day over 27 ;)