Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nick names...

So, I've read some blogs where the blogger gives the children and husband nicknames instead of using their real names, I LOVE this. So, I'm doing it. 

My childless friend, let's call her...Ivory, and I were having a discussion about the odd nicknames parents give their children.  We have another friend, let's call her...Hambing, whom has a child and they call her Neapnap.  Ivory asks why? I respond with, well, there is usually no rhyme or reason to a childs nickname (at least baby years).  You look at the baby, squish the baby (gently of course), cuddle the baby and names just pop out, uncontrolably. 

For this reason, the kids are easy. They have both had many nicknames throughout the years (or year in Jack's case). Examples:

Avery: Turkey, Avery Pavery Dock, Baby Lump Lump (if you saw her when she was a baby, you get this), I am totally haveing a brain fart and not remembering anymore...write this stuff down people!!! Anyway, the winner winner chicken dinner that stuck with Av is Ms. Moo. Don't ask why, cause I don't know!

Jack: Jackjack, Moogles, Googely Moogely, Schmoogles, Monkey, Monster, Terd, spike, hawky...and the one that stuck, Mr. Squishy.  This one does have some merrit behind it, you just look at him and you want to squish him (in a gentle loving way), strangers tell me this.

So...Husband...what do you call someone that works at a job he doesn't like to provide for his family? A man that will clean when I don't want to? The guy I fell in love with at first sight (corny blahblah, but true)? The person that loves me so much and shows me this on a daily basis?  This amazing father that would do anything for his children (ok, so sometimes they have to ask twice..three times?)....we call him Mr. Almost Perfect


  1. OHhhhhhh BEST POST YET!!! For reals. Love it! So what did you decide on?!

  2. Thanks!! What did I decide on for what? I'm confused... :)

  3. and by the way -- i like the new fancy shmancy layout :)