Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, we (av and I) are getting ready for school, getting shoes and coats on, and I go look for Jack....

I should preface this with a little history on the subject of kids and thier own space.  At our old house, (it was new) the rooms were tiny while the living area was quite large.  This equals all the toys in the living area.  And let's face it, the majority of the toys were Av's.  She was not too bothered by Jack being around her things because he couldn't get to any of them, until he started moving.  She was pretty good about giving him a toy here and there to play with.  At our new (old) house, the bedrooms are huge (in comparison) and there is plenty of room for most (all of Av's) toys to be IN their respective bedrooms! HOORAY! For everyone!!

However, this means more privacy (or less sharing, depending on how you want to look at it), which I think is a good thing, every child should have their own space and time alone (more on that at a different time).  Because we have old windows, they tend to get moist and grow mold, so I leave the doors open at all times. Avery is not a fan of this because it means Jack can get in whenever he wants (always) which she doesn't like (ever).  We discovered putting a gate up on Avery's door jam which she can climb over very easily, thus keeping Jack out and the door open. (we take it down at night as to prevent potty accidents) Everyone's happy! Except maybe Jack, but he gets over it very quickly, he is only 15 months.

Back to the story, I go to find Jack.......and here he was....

Not only in Av's room, but on top of her table playing with her animals (anyone that knows Avery knows that those animals are sacred) She would have DIED!! I quickly took the photo, grabed him and ran!

PS. NIGHT TWO = SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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