Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cleaning, picking-up, dishes, laundry, unpacking, decorating, ect.

Why is it so hard to find a place to start!! When there are so many things to do, I can't decide what comes first. So guess where I end up...on the couch watching a show..very productive, I know. I believe I get this from my mother (sorry ma). I don't mean to call her out or place blame, but it's kinda what we did. I look around at my disaterous house, bare walls, half decorated tree, full dishwasher, full hampers and kinda freak out! Especially on nights when my husband will not be home to help! (cause he really does, more on him at another time) I could really use some time management help, any ideas? Where do you usually start? I mean we still arent moved in all the way, I know I'm buying things that are in a box in the garage...ridiculous! I can only blame the kids for so long, sure, they make it harder to do things, but not IMPOSSIBLE, which is what I like to think. "Oh, the kids were just everywhere today, I couldn't possibly get anything done!" Really Rachel? Come on!

So...where do I start...the never ending question.


  1. I set a timer! Its the only way I can make myself get going and its also a great way to make sure you STOP and enjoy kids or quite, depending on the day.

    So I do it like this:

    set the timer for 15 min and clean one area as fast as I can, or dust as much as I can or whatever... But when the timer goes off *BLAMO* I am done! Then I set the timer for another 15 min and just kick my heals up, unpause the TV and relax until it goes off again.

    then I repeat.

    the timer is shaped like icecream, which helps.

  2. ha! I love it!! I will have to go find a fun timer and give it a whirl!! Thanks!