Friday, April 9, 2010

Word, G

Well, we've had plenty of poops, plenty of pees and so far, I'm loving them.  I feel great when I flush everything down the toilet!

I have noticed with the poos, that because of where the liner hits, poop never goes up the back! I wonder if this is true with newborns/younger babes too....?  The poop is very contained and because the liner goes around the leg in the same place as underwear, it doesn't go out the sides either! I find this to be an awesome perk! Sometimes one wipe takes care of all the poo.  And I have left the diaper on after a poop through some running/sittting/rolling, just to make sure it wouldn't squish out, it didn't! 

My only problem I'm having is a slight rub from the buttons that attach the liner to the cover.  I've been messing with the fit, but I might give them a call (because they say to!) and see if they have an suggestions before I run out and buy more covers and order the monthly shipment.

Peace love and poop free legs and backs!

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  1. Update: I didn't change the g before the j went down for a nap and he took a 3+ hour nap, needless to say, there was leakage. So far, I've only found it on the diaper cover and not in the bed, so that's good. I did read that some people double up fillers for overnight, so maybe when I'm ready, that's what I'll try doing