Monday, April 12, 2010


I know I said my next post would be about my shopping trip to Fred Meyer...but do you really want to read about what I bought at the grocery store?  I didn't think so.  Too bad.  I won't go into super detail and write out my shopping list or reciept :)

Fred Meyer has a pretty decent "Natural" section.  The one in Corvallis carried the Gs so I figured it might have more choices than Albany (plus Corvallis is a little bit more..."Natural" anyway).  It was a bit bigger, so I found most of what was on my list.  (I still need to get up to a Whole Foods or something to get the last few things.)  I bought lots of the flours/dried fruit/pasta in the bulk section so it was a lot cheaper.  I spent a big chunck of change, but it won't be like that everytime.  I had to buy the basics all over again.  New flour (Whole wheat PASTRY flour), natural sugar, REAL vanilla extract, whole wheat pastas, cous cous, fake butter (tastes like butter!), veganaise, fake creamcheese (haven't tried it yet), ect.

Now, don't get me wrong, buying fruits and vegies (especially if you go the organic route, which I tried to on the things that wouldn't be peeled) is not cheap in anyway.  And they go bad if you don't use them.  You can't go to overboard or you'll be wasting lots.  For the majority of fruit, we get frozen because we do the smoothies.  But I"m asking for a juicer for my birthday (please please!) so I can combine the fruits and vegies and hopefully get the kids to drink them too.  I think it's worth the cost.  In SB, they make a good point, we spend all this money on cars, homes, clothes, toys, ect, why can't you spend the same about of money on your body, without which, you could not enjoy these other things.  While we are in no position to add extra money to any area in our life, we will make it work, because we are worth it and so are our kids.

I also bought some "sausage style" and "bacon style" sausage and bacon that's not sausage and bacon. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know when I do.  I'm optimistic.

Peace love and shopping smart for your body so it's super healthy and you live a really long time to enjoy your house, clothes, cars, toys, kids, ect.

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