Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Second New Adventure: Day 1

It's no secret, Jack is a high maintenance kid.  He's allergic to a few things, he has excema and sensitive skin, he needs his mama, he doesn't talk quite yet (more of a uh uh followed by a whine and then a cry if you don't get what he's trying to tell you in a speedy manner), but we couldn't love him more!

Somewhere during all of this, we came to the conlusion that his skin does not like his diapers (Huggies).  He is constantly scratching his hind end which did lead to a bactierial infection (come one, open wounds on your butt + poop = bactieral infection).  So, we started thinking about changing the diapers.  We started with Huggies pure and natural.  I really liked them, but there was still behind scratching and rough patches.  So I bought some Seventh Generation chlorine free diapers (after research and finding they were the best "natural" disposable).  So far, we really like them.  No leaks, and scratching has decreased.  But then I thought, why not take it a step further?  Now, I'm not going to pretend that I am ambitious enough to go cloth, no I couldn't keep that up, I just know it.  So I decided to check out Gdiapers.  I looked at these when I was prego with Jack, but at the time, it just seemed too expensive. 

Either I was wrong, or the price has come down.  I researched and they compare to disposables after you get the outer shells, which aren't bad either ($14ish individually, but bought in packs, they are cheaper).  I went to their site to find out what it was really about.  http://www.gdiapers.com/

This is what they look like, super cute.  They come in tons of colors and fasten in the back, as you can see, so baby  has a more difficult time undoing and smearing poo everywhere.  Inside, there is a snap in liner and then a disposable or cloth insert.

The disposable inserts can be thrown away, flushed (yes, down the toilet!) or composted (not for me).  They are totally biodegradable and only take about 100 days to totally decompose!  Compared to a disposable diaper, chlorine free or not, which takes up to 500 years to fully decompose! Are you shocked? I was.  Also, we Americans send 52 MILLION disposable diapers to landfills everyday! That's insane!

So, I decided to get two covers and a pack of disposable liners and give it a whirl!  This is literally day one.
Jack has had on his Gdiaper since about 2:30 and we've changed a pee, no problem, flushed with ease.  I so wanted him to poop so I could see that how that all played out (crazy I know, willing your child to poo so you can play with your new toy) and he did! Hooray!  I changed him and it was a breeze, threw the poo and liner in the toilet (you rip open the liner and let the inner part come out first) and flushed away! I am still doing the beginer flushing, two seperate flushes, one for the inner liner and one for the outer.  It's a little hard to explain, but the website has a video, awesome.

So far, so good!  It does take a little bit more time and it's possible that if we were to go out and about to somewhere other than a house or something, I would take along some Seventh Generation...but we'll see.  I am a little hesitant to try them at night.  I think I'll wait a couple of days and make sure I really like them and have the fit right.  The thing I hate most in the middle of the night is a diaper/pj change, it always equals bad sleep for all!

Anyway, this is my other new adventure! I'll keep you updated

Peace and flushable diapers

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