Wednesday, April 7, 2010

gDiapers: Day #2

I was going to wait until tonight to post the second update, you know, a FULL day in the gdipes.  However, we had a good incident and so I wanted to make sure I shared all the gory details while they were fresh (pun).

So, like I said, I didn't try the overnight yet.  This morning (6:30) I put a new g on Jack.  Around 10, we were going to Costco so I gave a quick change before we headed out.  Well, guess who fell asleep on the way to Costco, all the way through Costco and would've happily stayed asleep had I been putting him in his comfy bed and not the car seat.  Anyway, no real nap test yet.  I still wanted to give it a real test.   I was planning to leave it on for the full 4 hours to really get it soaked.  Well, right around the witching hour, I smelled something guessed it! We had an even better test on our hands! Super full pee diaper, plus gooey poo (sorry if I'm too graphic for you, but I just call it like I see it, in everything, including poo)!

I put him up on the changing table and carefully undid the came off great! There was a little poo on the liner (which they say can happen and you just rinse/wash it off and/or throw it in the wash!).  I let the little squish run around bare for a few while I demonstrated the flush for Mr. AP.  I was so proud showing him how you rip the sides and the top to let the insides fall out (it wasn't as smooth as I had hoped, but we got it done).  Then, I flushed!

It didn't go down.

It backed up.

The toilet filled with water.


My proud moment had turned disasterous.  I was standing there with a poopy, wet outer section dripping with poo water.  Mr. AP walked away.. I thought surely he is going to get me a plastic bag and the plunger....


2 minutes later, I shout (still standing over the toilet holding poo) "What are you doing?" "


"Because I'm standing over the toilet holding poo paper and am unable to move."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"I don't know, maybe use your head and bring me a plastic bag and the plunger?" (perhaps a little mean, but come on)

So, now I have the tools.  I start plunging all the while trying to keep little grabby hands (not big grabby hands) away from the plunger (it's a stick playing in water, can you blame him?)  I get it free and realize the culprit is a wipe! I had left one in there!  I remove said wipe and flush, goes down with ease.

Moral:  Don't flush wipes.  Only poo and pee and G!!

Still loving the g's! We only have two with 3 liners and it's working just fine.  As for the pooy liner, I hosed it off in the kitchen sink and it was stained a little, so I soaked it in some gentle cleanser and it's good as new!

Peace, love and G


  1. LOL! this is hilarious! Glad you figured out what the culprit was! *tip...try flushable wipes! That way you just flush it all! haha right? Wouldn't some Kandoo wipes work??(or something cheaper?)

  2. Good call! I'll look into it!

  3. Kyle Says:

    "Ewe...Since you cleaned the poopy diaper off in your kitchen sink, remind me next time I come to your house we use paper plates and plastic forks"

  4. no flushing at my house - septic!