Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uh oh....and Yahoo!

I"m so excited.....again....

I found a new website.....

And it has so much to offer!!

I could spend hours.....

Because that's what I have in my day,

Hours to give!

But I must!

This is soooo awesome!

Ok, so remember how I said this whole thing was set off by seeing Alicia Silverstone on Oprah? (Well, I did.)  And I really want her cookbook and while looking up the name of it, I came across THIS!

AHHHH! Any spare minute I have in the next couple of days (which is not many, my cousin's bach party is this saturday, much to do!) I will be here at this site soaking up as much as I can.  It's a forum too! I can get asnwers!

And I love love love Alicia, always have (hello, Clueless, who doesn't love Clueless?) She is so natural and earthy and beautiful....she is my inspiration!

And it's also about home and style and health and just being nice to this earth we live on! So exciting! There will probably be much more to follow once I dive into this website...be prepared!

Peace love and Alicia!!!

PS. all the links are the same website....I hope you didn't touch them all, but if you did, haha and sorry.

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