Friday, April 16, 2010

Go away please....

So a friend of mine stopped by I haven't seen in a really long time and one I don't like, at all.  You know who you are "friend".  Don't pretend you guys don't know who I"m talking about (sorry if there are any men reading this, including my father)......

This "friend" hasn't been here since January of 2008 (nice friend huh?).  This friend brings chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.  Not fruit, not vegtables, not cous cous, not pollenta, not whole wheat pastry flour, she is evil.  She brought ice cream.  She made me eat a muffin before I had my fruit smoothie this morning.  She forced a couple of licks of Avery's icecream cone down my throat.  I'm pretty sure she is responsible for my cheating with the cheese too, she just sent it ahead.  I've been eating lots of Newman Os too.  Now this is all vegan that I'm eating (besides the icecream licks and cheesy pizza), but it's not what keeps my day going the way I have become used to.  Today, for the first time since the first week of giving up all those lovely vices I had, I got a headache.  I know it's from too much sugar/not enough good stuff. Go away "friend", you are not welcome here.

I will gladely bid her farewell when her "visit" is over.  I'm going to have to learn to say no to her when she comes around again!

On a good note, I've made some more things that I like! Both from SBITK.

First, I made a delicious whole wheat muffin that you can add any type of fruit to.  I tried dried blueberries from bulk the first time and the second I didn't have quite enough, so I added some vegan chocolate chips for a treat and it's nummy!  I could almost eat a whole bowl of just the batter (and it would be safe because there are no raw ingredients).

The other night, I invited my mom over and we had portabello mushrooms, zuchini and onions marinated in balsamic vinager, olive oil, honey, and spices; seared on a skillet and then chopped up and put over cous cous.  Loved it. So did mom.  I'll do it again.

In conclusion, my "friend" is making this difficult on me, but we all need to be challenged now and again...and I hope this headache goes away by tomorrow, I do NOT miss them at all.  I'm so unproductive. Yuck.

Peace, love and unwelcome "friends"


  1. I have reason not to like your friend either!!...seriously? not stopping by to even say hello since Jan of '08? I don't like that one bit. What a selfish friendship..doesn't she know it goes both ways? She should have at least paid a visit well before now ;) hahaha

    Anyhoo...that sucks. Big time. Hope you can make it through and your headache goes away. Please. Send all unwanted chocolate or sugars my way. I will eat them for you, so you are not tempted ;)

  2. In the mail! Get them out of here!