Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No more worries people! I'm ok now!  I will still get an occasional cramp (usually after a lot of greens) but I learned from Dr. Oz that this is normal, thanks Dr. Oz.  I have been listening more to my body and what it wants to eat (it's kind of crazy how you can hear your body when you don't put all that junk in it).  It has been telling me more carbs, so I listened.  For instance, I'll have a piece of toast with my morning fruit smoothy or I'll grab a handful of crackers as a mini snack. 

However. I have slightly fallen off of the wagon (no, not the vegan wagon (no "I told you so's" yet!) unless you count that delicious artichoke heart, pepper and LIGHT cheese delight pizza from Papa Murphey's I had the other night), the "eating lots of veggies and making lots of meals" wagon.  This whole stomach cramping thing kind of threw me off for a while.  I had to eat what I could.  And then my "friend" that visited me on my birthday (not the one that brought me the awesome cookbook) brought me cravings for naughty things.  I tried not to give in too much, but I did do that DELICIOUS pizza, some mint chocolate swirl coconut icecream (so yum!), more toast that I would usually have, and less vegies.  I'm begining to get back on track now that both problems are gone. 

During this time, I did make a super yummy stir fry with udon noodles (and then soba) and a TON of vegetables.  So easy and yummy.  The noodles cook in 3-4 minutes.  And guess who loves it?  Mr. AP! He acctually asks me to make it! For anyone that knows him, this is huge.  He "hates" pasta and while he does add some meat to his portion, it's not a burger!! 

Lastnight I made a Kale and potatoe soup for my mom and I.  While it didn't exactly come out "soupy", it was still yummy.  The only time consuming thing about all of these meals is chopping the vegies, and I acctually enjoy doing it, wierd.  Mr. Squishy (or BamBam, another blog to come) tried this, but chose to smear it all over the table instead of consuming it. Baby steps.

Peace Love and noodles


  1. glad you're not hurting anymore. :) i couldn't do it -- but it sure is fun to watch you do it :)

  2. FYI- I enjoy chopping veggies too. It feel very productive. You should do what I did the other day and take a whole day to cook. We could even do it together. I spent the day chopping lots of veggies and cooking three meals to put in the freezer (pasta figoli soup, stew and mexican casserole). If we did it together we could share the cost/chopping of the veggies and I could just put meat in mine. It was a really long day but I was very pleased with myself at the end. My goal was to not have to cook until the wedding (other than putting together salads to go with dinner). You should try it!