Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Body Revolt! Plus awesome song

First things first.  Listen to this right now.  I"m obsessed with this song and this girl.  She is amazing.  Do yourself a favor and take a minute to relax and listen.

So I think my body is finally saying "what the hell are you doing?!!".  I know I said I've been feeling amazing and great and wonderful and full of energy, and it's true....except for the last couple of days.  Now before we panic and/or say "I told you  you were crazy!", let's analize why my body is rebelling. 

First, I'll tell you what's going on.  There were a couple of nights that I would wake up feeling like I should pass out.  You know that feeling you get right before you faint, the wave of heat followed by cold?  Well I kept getting that over and over and over to the point where I was laying on my bathroom floor praying I would pass out.  I wasn't really haveing any pains in my stomach or anything, it was odd.  Finally I did do the doo and then passed out in the hallway.  I"m not sure for how long, but I crawled back to bed and began having horrid pains in my stomach.  Perhaps not my stomach area, perhaps it was more intestinal, I've never had these kind of cramps (I've had the ones right before you poop that are way down low, but not this high).  Anyway, I finally fell asleep or passed out again, not sure which.  I did this for another two nights (no more passing out, just the feeling).  I do believe doing the doo helped ease the pain.  It's gotten better, but still, everytime I eat something I get intestinal cramping, even if it's slight.  (Then I exasberated the situation by having cheese pizza two nights ago, more on that later)

So, here's what I've come up with.  My body is finally fully detoxing.  Let's think about it:  For 20 years (giver or take a few) I ate as much chocolate, sugar, fried anything, milk, cheese, butter as I could.  I ate some vegetables, only dipped in ranch, only ate salad if it was drenched in ranch, covered in cheese, eggs and bacon.  It's a wonder I didn't weigh 300 pounds really.  My saving grace is that I couldn't eat very much at a time, I've always had an internal "barf if I eat one more bite" monitor that only allowed me to eat 1/4 of anything I ordered or made or put on my plate (unless it was chocolate, I could easily eat my weight in chocolate, not the 300 pound me, but the real me).  And I just shut that completely down one day.  No more processed sugar, no more milk, no more cheese, no more grease...my body was probably in shock and excited at first.  Now, it's like "What is happening? I don't know what to do with this food!"  So, I'm hoping this is the case.  I'll give it another week, and then I may have look further into what I'm eating and what's going on.

Cheese Pizza:  yep, I told you I wasn't going to be anal.  And I'm not.  I'm going to eat a piece of cake now and then.  I'll have some M&Ms here and there (how can I not? Every member of my family is obsessed with them and they are everywhere).  And I'm going to eat some pizza when  it sounds good, and it did.  Tasted sooooo good!  However, the consequences were almost immediate.  Stomach cramping followed by intestinal cramping all night long.  So, my indulgences will be few and far between because it's not worth it to me to be in pain for an entire night+.  (maybe next time, I"ll just have one piece instead of 4, that could help :)

Peace love and intestines


  1. Holy Moly that sounds TERRIBLE! If there's anything like blood in your poo, get to the Doctor!

  2. I support you in any way shape or form of what you choose to say, eat, do, parent, love, hate ect . . . but I REAAALLLY concerned about the fainting thing. Sure I understand your body being confused, but the fainting thing sounds like you either A. are not eating enough (which is possible with you) B. you body is not getting the protein it needs C. something else (i really have no idea what the something else is) But there are a lot of items you can eat that are still Vegan to get the protein. Also when you were holding your stomach the other day after Bunco it worried me. I would be ever so grateful if you would make an appt with your physician and discuss this with him. Friend, yes I know I am bossy, but you have to take care of yourself to be able to function and take care of others. Fainting and not following up with a doctor is not taking care of yourself. If I have to I will march into your home, and haul you out like a sack of potatos (you know I will do this) Okay I am done lecturing, but next time I talk to you I had better hear than you have either made an appointment of at least had a chat with the advice nurse at the office! Love ya!

  3. dude, totally! did you take keri's advice? do you have an update for all your concerned readers?!